Clínica Universidad de Navarra
Pablo Dachefsky & David del Amo
User experience
Bicky del Pozo
Visual design
Jimena Catalina
Clínica Universidad de Navarra is one of the best private hospitals in Spain. The fundamental goal of this institution is the entirely personal and compassionate patient care. The new website design should convey this focus on humane treatment through image, color and language. It also needed a clear navigation and a structure able to adapt to the huge amount of content.
The first step in the project was to understand people in order to define a structure & navigation that solve their needs, as the architecture and navigation model must create spaces for the patient. In visual design I first made a visual exploration through a moodboard, that led me to the 3 main design guidelines for this project: warm color palette, real people photography and handwritten typography. The grid system and modular design facilitates building any layout to fit the content needs. This design system gives the client the flexibility to build new pages when they need them, without depending on external services.

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