Media Markt Spain
User experience & Visual design
Jimena Catalina
MediaTrends is the technology blog by Media Markt Spain. It covers technology trends, entertainment, electronics, lifestyles and more. With this design it evolves from a classic blog format to a more varied editorial user experience.
The visual language fits both Mediatrends and Media Markt brands, while conveys a technologic look&feel. A modular system allows different layouts to feature contents depending on editorial needs. As content modules fit the grid, the layouts adapt to all devices no matter the combination.
Responsive design creates an optimal reading experience for the user on any device. Up to 60% of traffic comes from smartphones, so a good mobile user experience is critical to meet Mediatrends’ audience in all their moments of need.
Engage users to keep reading is key in any editorial project, so users are guided to further content they may be interested in, quickly. A rich navigation provides users the ability to look around and see what’s actually on the site while related content is at one-click distance through the sticky bottom bar.

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