Contigo app is a pioneering joint project in the field of social services between the social technology company FinancialCodex and the AMTA (Madrid Agency for the Tutelage of Adults). Contigo wants to be a daily accompaniment application for supervised persons, to help them to be constant with their tasks.
The aim of the project was to design a user-friendly, consistent and reliable application that people felt they could trust and were willing to use on a daily basis.
As the sole designer, I oversaw the entire product design, from the initial usability review on the proposed functionality from technology, including daily communication with stakeholders and the visual design of the interface.
Using simplicity as the core philosophy to the platform design, a style guide was created which allowed screens to be made up of a series of components. Copies were carefully written to be gender neutral and keep the balance between clearness and warmth. Typography was selected with the objective of maximum legibility and the color palette and illustrations try to transmit warmth and positivity.
An MVP has recently been launched to test and validate the product, as well as to see where it could be further improved.

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