I make side projects to have fun & learn new things.

Little Big Artists
Fun printable worksheets to boost kids’ creativity.
By publishing free presentation templates SlidesCarnival helps presenters to focus on creating meaningful content, in order to give the audience a beautiful and unforgettable experience.
Recetas de rechupete
Recetasderechupete.com is one of the most popular recipe blogs in Spain. A side project that started in 2009 as a hobby with my partner, and now is our main income source.
Sketchnotes and visual thinking
Sketchnotes are purposeful doodling while listening to something interesting. They don't require high drawing skills, but do require a skill to visually synthesize and summarize via shapes, connectors, and text. I love taking these visual notes at events and meetings, as they help me remember the ideas that were discussed.
medChum App Concept
medChum is a concept app to explore health solutions for kids. It takes advantage of wearable technology to ease medication routines for children
Content Snippets
Content Snippets collects specific copy examples from websites and applications, to serve as inspiration for writing professionals
Illustrations for different projects
Comer bien a diario (eBook)
An autopublished ebook with the best recipes from the spanish blog Recetasderechupete.com. Available in spanish and english versions.
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