Connectif is a marketing tool that automates hyper-personalized purchase experiences to increase sales for eCommerce. Their innovative workflow engine follows the digital footprint of every visitor in order to customize the user experience with predictive product suggestions.
I assisted the development team in improving the usability and design of the tool by reviewing processes that had already been created for the launch of the MVP.
Although some features were very complex "throw it all away and start over" was not an option. Therefore the main challenge was to improve UX by rewriting copies, structuring navigation, reorganizing elements, while creating a brand identity at the same time through color, iconography and illustration. All using an agile process.
Workflows are the key functionality in Connectif, as they allow the user to create complex processes in a visual way. With many interface elements and complex requirements, keeping in mind the user's objective helped me to divide functionalities into direct or contextual actions.
Connectif can be a powerful tool, but only if the complicated configuration process is carried out correctly. A step-by-step onboarding was designed to explain the user how to set up the service.
A complete analytical dashboard provides the user with at-a-glance information used for analysis and decision making. It was designed to help users make the best sense of the data, analyze trends and drive decision making, using blocks with consistent structure.
Many of the configuration wizards contain form elements that are not the usual ones users are accustomed to. Therefore the copies become a key element to help the user understand how to handle the interface.

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