La Vuelta al Cole” is a project promoted by Fundación Unoentrecienmil in which all educational centres are invited to organise a solidarity race. Each runner can contribute from 1€ per registration to add their grain of sand to the cause. This contribution is destined to a research project on childhood leukaemia that Fundación Unoentrecienmil finances every year since 2014.
“La Vuelta al Cole” (LVAC) is a name that has triple meaning:
• The race that takes place around the school grounds
• The return after the summer holidays, as the race is held in October
• Children's return to school after overcoming Leukemia
The foundation wanted to take LVAC to something bigger, so it was necessary that the brand could work outside the school world and be applicable to merchandising.
It must be a brand that is attractive for children, teenagers and adults without losing the youthful touch. The main merchandising consumers will be pre-teens and teenagers.
After studying the design brief and making somer research, I sketched some digital drafts to examine all possible angles and directions.
The client chose two of the sketched ideas for further exploration. I worked on the computer adding detail to explore different styles, typographies and colors.
The option chosen was that of the "school runner" with a hand drawn style. From this moment on, adjustments were made to define colors, textures and develop a family of characters that would allow multiple applications to merchandising.

Sergio Rodriguez animated the characters to make them come to life in the website.

The final request was to redesign the website to be mobile-first, improve the usability, increase the conversion and reduce the number of questions made by the schools.

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